NAME: Thomas "Thomen" Stauch
DATE OF BIRTH: March 11th
PLACE OF BIRTH: Krefeld, Germany
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Meerbusch, Germany
HOBBIES: Chess, computers, movies
PETS: Not anymore... I had dogs and cats
LANGUAGES: German, English, Spanish

INSTRUMENT: Drums & Percussion
GEAR: Premier Gen-X drumsets, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth 5B sticks, Gibraltar Racks, DW Pedals
CURRENT BANDS: Savage Circus, Coldseed, Serious Black
PREVIOUS BANDS: Blind Guardian

BANDS: Queen, Queensr˙che, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Savatage, Kiss, Metallica , Soilwork, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Rainbow, Journey, Black Sabbath, Kansas…. and many more
ALBUMS: Queen-all, Rage for Order & Operation Mindcrime, Jesus Christ Superstar (OST)
MOVIES: All Lord Of The Rings/Hobbit and Harry Potter movies, Evil (Ondskan), The Mist, all Heinz Erhardt movies, Mississipi Burning, World War Z
ACTOR/ACTRESS: De Niro, Nicholson, Cage, all LotR, Hobbit & H.Potter actors & actresses
BOOKS: I personally prefer movies, but IKEA instruction manuals... rule! ;-)
SPORTS/TEAM: Borussia Dortmund (soccer), German national soccer team
FOOD: Chinese, Greek, Japanese, German, Indian
DRINKS: Hot or cold coffee & tea, flavored water (without gas), chocolate milk
I LOVE: My family! To be a musician... writing songs... touring! Mario Lochert for always posing topless with his puffy nipples for me over Skype cam, after taking a shower... PRICELESS! :-D
I HATE: War and politicians... both cost a lot of money and are utterly ruthless! Liars, arrogant behavior, selfish people, injustices & betrayers!


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