NAME: Urban breed
DATE OF BIRTH: February 26th
ZODIAC SIGN: The Spaghetti Monster
PLACE OF BIRTH: Badelunda, Sweden
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Somewhere in the US
HOBBIES: Boardgaming and growing hot peppers
PETS: Sort of
LANGUAGES: Swedish, English and C++

INSTRUMENT: Vocals, bass, keyboards, flute
GEAR: A big, black strap-on
CURRENT BANDS: Trail of Murder, Project Arcadia and now Serious Black
PREVIOUS BANDS: Bloodbound, Tad Morose

BANDS: Peter Gabriel, Glenn Hughes, (early) Genesis, Magnum, (later) Yes
ALBUMS: Nursery Cryme, Secret World Live, On a Storyteller's Night, 90125
MOVIES: Roberto Benigni's La vita bella
ACTOR/ACTRESS: Can't say that I have one...
BOOKS: So many of Terry Pratchett's books. 'Mort' might be my favorite there.
SPORTS/TEAM: Disc golf, kart racing/I'm not really a fan of anything but ROLL TIDE bitches! ;)
FOOD: Oddly enough, I have to say cheezy gordita crunches.
DRINKS: Orange juice and Cherry Coke Zero
I LOVE: Marillion (live)
I HATE: How people are so eager to be sheeple


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